Petey - Poster Girl for Motorcycle Safety in Maryland!


As summer 2017 winds down, don't be surprised if you see someone you know representing motorcycle safety in Maryland. PeteyVee ( and Maryland Department of Transportation collaborated to develop posters and a series of videos to promote motorcycle safety in Maryland!


Motorcycle safety means everything to me, I've seen so many of my friends lose their lives in senseless accidents. Throttle Basics, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit that I started will begin to promote it's motorcycle awareness clinics and Reality Riding Motorcycle confidence classes for all who need more practice, education and just reinforcement in their riding. Check it out at


Motorcycling is everything to me. If I can be the change that reduces motorcycle accidents and fatalities then I'm stepping up! Feel free to spread the word and check out for more information on how you can help promote motorcycle safety! 

Paint the Quarter Mile Pink 2015!!


Paint the Quarter Mile Pink came and did not disappoint! A field of about 10 women came together to raise money for Bikers Against Breast Cancer and was successful in raising over $12,000.00!!! 


The race itself was chock full of excitement!! After two eliminations and horrible bike problems, ya girl Petey went to the semi finals!! The ECU on the bike would not make my normal shift points of 13500 but only 6500!! So racing on the slowest of slow number (13.50)  I managed to stay in it until the semi's!! Just as I was getting ready to compete in the semi's a fuse blows and I have no electronics! Flying blind and on a slow shift point ya girl broke on a 13.50 and manage a faster time of 12.10 (go figure) and was thus elimated at the semi final point! 


All in all I had a great time with the girls! Jody Butler, 2nd year participant actually won the race! Congrats to Jody and her team, her win was well deserved!!




It's Official!!! Meet my newest 2015 sponsor VNM Sport Gear!!!


VNM Sport Gear, a leader in technical racing apparel has joined forces with one of the hottest female drag racers in the industry.  Petey Vee Racing and VNM Sport Gear will come together in 2015 to promote technical safety apparel that will keep this racer cool in the most extreme temperature!  Not only is it safe, it's comfortable and dare I say! Make sure you visit their website, racing apparel for racers made by racers! Petey Vee will be keepin it cool and cute on the track in 2015 with VNM Sport Gear!!! See you at the track!!!

2015 Race Schedule!!!


Without further delay my 2015 race schedule is posted. Below are the 2015 dates for the new International Drag Bike League (formerly the Mirock Series) schedule!!!!  See you at the track in 2015!!!



- Fast by Gast Spring Nationals   /   April 24-26, 2015  /  Maryland International Raceway


- Fast by Gast Summer Nationals  /  May 29-31, 2015  /  Maryland International Raceway


- WPGC Bike Fest  /  July 24-26, 2015  /  Maryland International Raceway


- Orient Express Motorcycle U.S. Nationals  /  September 11-13, 2015  /  Atco Dragway


- Fast by Gast Fall Nationals  /  October 2-4, 2015  /  Maryland International Raceway


Sponsorship 2015


Petey Vee racing is now seeking sponsors for the 2015 racing season. We plan to venture out and be seen in a wide variety of markets in 2015.  


Support of Petey Vee Racing gets your name and your products seen by major players in the motorsports industry.  Petey has personal relationships with Brocks Performance, EVIL SwingArms, Route 21, APE Raceparts and numerous other industry professionals.  


Please contact us for a sponsorship package and more information on being a part of Petey Vee Racing! Please see our contact page to send us a message! 


We look forward to representing your brand in 2015!

2014 Is in the books!!


The last Maryland Mirock race was held at Maryland International Raceway.  The day started out wet and unpredictable but just like Maryland, it cleared up and the sun shone bright! Unfortunately, the early morning rain made the day go long. First timed run happened at 3pm and the second happened at 9pm. The temperature dropped to 42 degrees and we were freezing our dragracing butts off.  The temperature change agreed with ya girl because I went two rounds on Saturday and would have went a couple of rounds on Sunday but because of a mistake in putting in my dial-in, I was eliminated.  All in all I had a blast racing this season, learned a whole lot about the game and was able to be filmed by my alma mater Morgan State University on my last race. Hopefully, there will be big things to come next year.  There's lots of plans in the works and God willing we will be back bigger and better next year but the Petey you know and love will stay the same...Faaaaaaaaaaaaaast!!!! hahaha

Petey the Road Racer??


Who'd a thunk it?? Petey in the curves. After attending Moto GP in Indianapolis, I was all fired up!  The race was exciting, meeting the racers was exciting, seeing my hero VALENTINO ROSSI was incredible!!! Soooo I had to see what all the fun was about myself!  My friends Marika and Beth invited me to a Team Pro Motion Track Girl Day and the rest is herstory!!  I went through the class, learned how to find and hold my line and roundin the curves came naturally. I loved every bit of what I learned.  YES!! I was scared to death, but that good scared like when you can't wait for the next good scare. Stay tuned folks...more to come...definitely!!

Paint the Quarter Pink for Breast Cancer!


For the fourth year in a row, us girls took over the track and raced to bring awareness and raise money to support breast cancer! Bikers for Breast Cancer gives grants to those diagnosed with breast cancer to pay the bills often forgotten about, like electric, mortgage, car payment etc.  My good friend Kelly Clontz was the winner this year and she was the winner last year!! Overall more than $7,000.00 was raised for this awesome cause!! All PINK everything!!!

Mirock 2014 Begins!!!!!

All Hail the ROCK - Rockingham Dragway

Mirock's 2014 Season opened with a sunshiny bang!!! The bikes all converged on Rockingham Dragway.  Ooooh the smell of race gas and tires burning was like coming home!! Ya girl made some great passes and for the first time back on the bike since October, I can say everything was working! I launched hard and smoothly!! I was really happy with my debut and only great things to come!! Keep watching race fans...gonna be a great year!!

Route 21 and Petey Vee...Keeping me pretty in Pink!!


Route 21 has made it official and designed a phenomenal racing suit for Petey Vee's 2014 season!!! Giving you a sneak peak of the fast and pretty life of us female racers!!! Stay tuned race fans!!

Welcome to the team APE Race Parts


I would like to officially welcome my newest sponsor APE Race Parts!!! So happy to be a part of the APE Race Parts family!!! Looking forward to good things in 2014!!

Information about Mirock Series for Sponsors

See you at the track!!



Adams Performance Spring Bike Open

March 21-23, 201

Rockingham, NC.


Fast By Gast Spring Nationals

April 25-27, 2014

Maryland International Raceway


Fast By Gast Summer Nationals

May 30-June 1, 2014

Maryland International Raceway


WPGC Bike Fest

July 25-27, 2014

Maryland International Raceway


FBR Summer Sizzler

August 15-17, 2014

Rockingham, NC


Orient Express Motorcycle U.S. Nationals

September 5-7, 2014

Atco, NJ


Fast By Gast Fall Nationals

October 3-4, 2014

Maryland International Raceway


Lee's Performance World Finals

October 31- November 2, 2014

Rockingham, NC




Petey in the community


With assistance from United Healthcare, Home Depot and the Cal Ripkin Sr. Foundation The Towanda Recreation Center Boys and Girls Club was transformed in a day into a brand new place for the community children to come to. We scraped, sanded, painted, schalacked and replaced the old for the new and at the end of the day we presented it all to the kids of the Park Heights community. I had so much fun and made new friends and gave back.  All in a day and the life of ya girl Petey!! Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!!

Mirock Maryland

October 5, 2013

It was the hottest October day on record but the show must go on!! Racers came to race and we did just that.  Practice runs commenced and ya girl got two good runs in despite second gear refused to cooperate ;/.  After a long morning of hurry up and wait, Street ET class got underway.  I saw my light and I left, little did I know I left too early.  Dial a 9.75 and ran a close yet so far...we'll get up next year.  Had a great time, got to see some good friends and had a great race day!!!

Bikes on the Hill


What an awesome day!!! First off, check out the new paint job!!! Sexy right!?!?! Ya girl went four rounds before being eliminated.  Got a little pocket change to take home with was a good day.  The day started off rocky, had to get my ridin feet again.  After lining up with my opponents it all felt like home again...did i mention I LOVE THIS SPORT!!!!!!!!

Paint the Quarter (1/4) Pink 2013


Well, once again PTQP was a huge success!!Us girls showed up and showed out for Breast Cancer Reseach and support!  Our Charity was " Bikers for Breast Cancer".  This charity helps fill in the gaps when someone is fighting breast cancere.  They give small grants to help pay bills and support daily life needs! s girl loved speeding down the track for such a worthy cause...can't wait to do it again next year!!!

RACING 2013!!!!!!!! to describe to you how much I love it!! In 2013 I am so excited to be back on the track after taking off for a year.  I am riding a 2013 Suzuki GSXR - 1000 sponsored by Romney Cycles in Romney, West Virginia and this bike is quick! My best time to date on it is 9.3 seconds in the 1/4 but we know the bike can do at least a 9.1 and folks this is all stock on pump gas!!!  So I look forward to more progress as the year goes on.  Stay tuned race fans!!!

Girls of the Drag Track :)

Hey Everybody!!!!

Thanks for taking time to check us out!!! Yes girls drag race motorcycles and guess what...we're fast and we win!!!  Say hey to Jaleesa, Erika, Me and Kelly whenever you come to the track...See you in blah point blah blah seconds hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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Petey's Drag Racing Dream 2014


Hey All,


Just an update!! Race season begins at the end of this month and I've created a site on to get some help from my family and friends!! I really need your support and I hope you will consent to helping me attend every race in 2014!  Thank you so much and thank you for your generosity and kindness!  See you at the track in 2014!! Copy and paste the link below into your browser to learn more :)


Starting Spring 2014


Did you just learn to ride a motorcycle and are still alittle unsure about getting on the road?


Are you a new rider with limited street riding skills and don't have anyone to ride with?


If this is you, help is on the way!!! Reality Riding will take you out on the streets and highways and get you familiar with riding in traffic and with other motorcyclists.


If interested, contact Petey at:

Moto Vee Tion - 2014

Get your "Moto Vee Tion" for 2014 with a PeteyVee Racing Tee Shirt to support my 2014 Racing Season!!  


Tee Shirts - $18.00 plus shipping

Send email to to order!!

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